Saturday, April 13, 2013

Wahoo River Anchorage - at anchor

Nothing is quite so beautiful as a sunset in an isolated anchorage on the ICW
We had to cover 50 miles today so up early we were. The trip out of the Jekyll anchorage is always an adventure since the water is only 5 to 6 ft deep at low tide. However, we left with a 2.5 ft tide in our favor so we had room to spare. You have to get used to shallow water if you go down the ICW!

The water was flat and the trip uneventful, even the passage through Mud River since we passed through with a 6.5 ft high tide! We could have floated over land that was dry during a low tide! Still, you have to watch what you were about, the channel is narrow, even at high tide.

We are now in one of the most isolated anchorages on the ICW. There is nothing around us but a couple of other boats. No buildings of any kind, no houses, nothing. With no sources of light, I'm looking forward to seeing the stars tonight if it's not too hazy. Sitting on the  back of the boat, it's anchorages like this that really make the ICW so attractive! We love it!

On Sunday we're headed for Savannah and the Hinckley Yacht Services yard where we have reservations for the next three days. We'll meet up with friends we've known since our days in Colorado when I was a Captain in the Air Force right out of college. Talk about memories!