Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Georgetown - at a dock

A fresh fish market in town, great fish

We had a nice ride to Georgetown. The night had been calm and we started out with a high tide to help us through the shallows. As it turned out, we probably could have made it through yesterday afternoon but then we're in no particular hurry anyway so we enjoyed the anchorage and the rest.

Shrimp boats operate out of Georgetown - so it's fresh!
Since we had a high tide in the morning, I had to take Hoolie out the mouth of the anchorage to a shell bank by the ICW to gain dry ground for Hoolie relief. It was no big deal since I can plane with just Hoolie and myself on board, about 13 kts - a short ride at that speed.

Coming into Georgetown we took on fuel and took a walk along Harborwalk and found a seafood market where Ann picked up a fillet of Grouper for dinner. There are shrimp boats that operate out of Georgetown and they had an ample supply of shrimp but we were in the market for fish that tonight - but I would recommend it to any and all cruisers, the shrimp is guaranteed fresh!

Quiz - what are those dual propellers for??

Part of the fun of cruising is meeting people along the way and several stopped to talk to us as we were tied up. Unfortunately we didn't get their names or phone numbers but we gave them our boat card for future communication.

Shades of Key West - free running roosters!
On Thursday we're headed north to Barefoot Landing, one of our favorite places to stop along the ICW. We have mail waiting for us there and we'll be meeting a friend and his wife for the first time on Friday who have followed our blog for a year or so but we've never met. Part of the fun of traveling the ICW is meeting new people who share in the excitement of boating!