Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Fernandina - at a mooring

To transport a sailboat, you need one of these, brightly lit!
Today was a day of shallows. There are lots of opportunities to run aground between Jacksonville and Fernandina but we didn't take advantage of any of the opportunities! We followed the advice of others before us on Active Captain and knew where the deep water was. If there's just one thing you do going down the ICW, be sure to read the Active Captain hazards for your area!

Typical southern home in Fernandina - dating from 1860
Coming into Fernandina we called for a mooring but was told there were none available. That was a surprise! We never had that problem in the past but then we've always been a little earlier. It seems that we're not ahead of the crowd going north but rather right in the middle of it. Although the moorings are gone, there's lots of room on the docks but they want too much as far as we're concerned. Later on we were able to get a mooring when one boat didn't show up.

So it's a calm night and we're sitting on the back of the boat watching the sunset and will spend Thursday just resting up and exploring Fernandina before heading out again on Friday, tough life.

PS, we don't need the genset tonight, we'll start it up Thursday morning.