Friday, April 5, 2013

Sadler Point Marina - Not done yet with genset installation!

It's in!!!
The yard crew worked all day today but still wasn't able to complete the installation of the new genset. It sounds simple but the details of the installation are almost overwhelming. They connected the electrical parts today but that involved pulling 6 gauge wire which is not an easy task! They installed a dedicated outlet in the galley so I could use the entire 6 kw output of the genset. Otherwise, I could only use what the Prosine charger/inverter would pass through - 3600 watts - far short of the 6000 watts the genset was capable of. Of course, the circuit had to be protected by a 30 amp circuit breaker, more delays but necessary.

The muffler was moved to the aft locker, they built a shelf for it
Ventilation had to be provided so an in-line fan was installed to exhaust the starboard locker where the genset was located. Around 4:00 pm or so, the last electrical connections were made and the fuel lines were connected but it was getting late. They still had a couple of hours left of to dos so we'll see them Saturday morning to finish up. The great event will he the turning on of the genset for the first time! I understand that it's was tested at the factory so there should  be no surprises!?

I'll then refill the water tanks and wash down the boat. It's very dirty from all the yard scum tracked aboard from working on the boat. It will clean up, it just takes some effort. So now the plan is to take off on Sunday for Fernandina at a mooring, look for good weather to round the buoy out in the channel  before anchoring at Jekyll Island, hopefully.