Monday, April 15, 2013

Savannah - Hinckley Yacht Services

All lined up for racing!
I've known Lee Fry since we first met at OTS (Officer Training School) for the Air Force in Lackland, Texas. We've been out touch for years but we occasionally get together during one of our trips up and down the ICW, usually at Savannah. Fleetwing gained two more dogs for the night since Lee brought his two along with him. Everybody seemed to make friends okay with two up in the cockpit in cages for the night and Hoolie down in the main cabin. Peaceable kingdom.

So we went out tonight to a well known restaurant in Savannah, Tubby's Tank House. They specialize in seafood where they have their own supply. It's a great place nearby for good seafood. We plan on taking everyone out in the morning for a ride on Fleetwing, hopefully there'll be some wind although none is predicted.