Thursday, April 11, 2013

Fernandina - last day

One of Ann's favorite trees...
I started the genset up this morning and I was somewhat concerned that it didn't start instantly but took a couple of seconds, but it did start up. The controller is fully automatic, you just push the start button and it feeds the starting sequence to the genst, three times if needed. You don't have to hold it down to start like on the Panda, it's all automatic. If it doesn't start after three tries (via one push of the start button), then you get an error code to call the nearest Kohler technician. So far, so good.

Ann's new haircut
Ann had wanted to get her hair done for the past two weeks but couldn't find a suitable place but she found one on main street, Magna's Full Body Salon.  It was a great place and Ann's very pleased with the results. She just had a haircut, not a perm or anything else.

They like their dogs here, even a bakery just for them
We have storms coming through tonight and will be looked carefully at the radar on the internet to see how the situation will be in the morning. There's a passage we have to make which requires going quite a ways out  an inlet and then making a right angle turn back to land (to avoid shallows if you took a direct route). That turn can be very challenging in high seas, especially with winds against tide. You really do want relatively calm seas for that part of the passage, we'll look at that in the morning (toss chicken bones, we don't have any entrails available, dice perhaps or listen to the Morning Lies....) All this is so scientific, how can we go wrong?