Saturday, April 27, 2013

Barefoot Landing - Last day

Barefoot Landing is one long dock - very long!
There is a Walmart about 3 miles south of here that the marina will take you to if you ask. So we scheduled a visit and had a long list of things we needed. Going north from here there is not much shopping available until we reach Hampton so we needed to provision for the trip until then. As it turned out, the Walmart proved excellent in selection and pricing so I bought more than I originally intended. We will certainly not be deficient in wine or Pepsi. We already had a freezer full of meat so that was not a priority.

The grilling area in Greg Norman's restaurant - the timing is down to a science
The morning was spent in shopping in the outlet stores and some good values can be found if you're patient. Later, I filled the forward 90 gallon water tank (we still had 60 gallons in the aft tank) so we don't pay much attention to water usage.

Right along the dockage area is Greg Norman's Australian Grill restaurant. He used to live in the area and started the restaurant way back then. It specializes in steaks and we've found the steaks to be outstanding. We always make a point of stopping by on the way north or south, we've never been disappointed.

Sunday morning we'll head out for St. James Plantation marina. The docks are for condo owners but there's always a few open for transients like us. It has 360 degree protections and is always perfectly calm, ideal for a stopover.