Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Sadler Point Marina - waiting for genset installatoin

Would you buy a used car from this guy? :)
Well, more prep work today. The starboard locker shelf was cut and put on a hinge so it can be lifted out of the way for the arrival of the genset and then returned to it's usual position after the event. Despite the increased size of the genset, this change will allow me to have almost the same storage as before in that locker since the muffler was moved to the aft locker in a place that I didn't use anyway. However, it still weighs 150lbs more so ballast will be in order if I want a level boat.

Buried in the aft locker for the muffler
Everybody here is taking great care to get everything done in advance of having a 500 lb genset hanging in mid air that can't go in the locker because of some unforeseen problem. So work continues and now it appears that the great event will take place Thursday. That's also the day that rain is forecast with 100% certainty all day long. Today was fine, Friday will be fine but not Thursday - it kinda of like sailing. The wind is always on the nose! They will look for a window in the rain for installation but if not, it's going in anyway.

Here's the genset "naked"  Sound shields will go on later
There's a big shopping center within walking distance so we wandered over there this afternoon between genset events. I picked up some items for our dinner at a Publix supermarket, our favorite supermarket down south. So for now we're biding time until the installation is complete, hopefully Thursday now.