Thursday, April 18, 2013

Steamboat Creek - at anchor

This anchorage is know by cruisers as the one by the "Octagon house", unique
We decided to do a 54 mile run today since the day was fair and the tides would all be in our favor. We would go over the shallow spots with a rising tide around 4 to 5 ft, that's an important advantage in this part of the ICW where the low tide can reach less than 5 ft! With the rising tide, we had no problems! 

Sunset, stark and pretty
The temperature gauge continued to behave so I'm certain that it was just a faulty ground connection to the engine that was the source of all our problems in high heat for the last 12 months. Now we're moving on to other problems (there are always problems to solve on a boat!). We haven't run the new genset for several days, it will get the next test Friday morning after a night on the hook. 

We're due to arrive in Charleston Friday afternoon and we'll stay for three days before moving on north. We can't stay at our favorite marina due it being "Race Week" of all things. We're familiar with such events from Block Island and we're told that the Charleston event is just as big. We're also due for a severe temperature drop with the high only being 60 on Saturday with lots of rain, oh well, at least it will warm back up by mid week.