Sunday, April 7, 2013

Sadler Point Marina - Boat Work

Typical home in the area
I wrote a long-winded critique of Kohler's quality control on Kohler's webpage. A company that ships a product that won't even start as designed when first installed ought to know of their shortcomings. It will be interesting if I get any reply or any meaningful response.

After some thought over the weekend, we're going back to Sadler Point from our weekend stay at the marina next door for the rest of the repair job on the genset. They should have spare parts arriving during the middle of the day and even if they get the genset working by early afternoon, we want to run it for at least 24 hours with multiple starts and stops to ensure ourselves that it's ready for prime time. That makes Wednesday the earliest date for leaving Jacksonville for points north. We just have to be sure the genset is fully debugged;

On the east coast, all the sunsets are over land - still pretty I think
Meanwhile, we did laundry and washed the boat - not very exciting but if you ever cruise you'll find it necessary every once in awhile.Hopefully, you won't find replacing gensets very necessary (at least not often)!

If the genset survives our break in period, our next stop will be Fernandina at a mooring for a couple of days.  It's a fun town to walk around and explore.