Monday, April 22, 2013

Charleston Maritime Center - We survive 35 kt winds!

At last the sun! The main bridge into Charleston
This marina has many advantages with Harris Tetter being so close by as well as an Ace hardware store and within a short walk to a free trolley for access to all of Charleston. However, being protected from wind and waves from 35 kt winds out of the east is not one of the assets! It was rock and roll all day long and much of the night. Once the winds drop below 20 kts, it's as good a marina as any in the area. The morning dawned grey and overcast with 20 kt winds but gradually the winds abated and the sun appeared. Ann treated us to a harbor tour on a large boat moored right behind us and as we boarded, the sun came out and warmed everyone up!

This is where the Civil War started, Fort Sumter
I'm in the throes of replacing the shower head in the forehead. You would think that would be a simple task but nothing is simple on a sailboat, especially one made to French specs even though the one I own was made in South Carolina. I turns out that the shower connections are metric and I can find no adaptors after visits to a plumbing supply hour and two, large department stores! In frustration, I just screwed an english connection into a metric one (only part-way, it wouldn't screw in all the way) and wrapped the result with tape. It sort of works, good enough until I get the proper fittings. It's a boat fix.

Sailboats, always sailboats around here.  USS Yorktown is in the background
The wind has died down to only 10 kts and it feels like there's no wi nd at all. We'll start out for the Awendaw anchorage in the morning for an overnight stop and then on to Georgetown. You have to watch where you anchor along here, it's thick with alligators. Usually an inlet with the added salt water is safe enough.