Sunday, November 4, 2012

Rockhouse Creek - at anchor

A morning view of Ft Mantanzas
At a convenient 44 nm south of Ft Mantanzas is Rockhouse Creek where there's room for a dozen or so boats to anchor. We arrived and selected our spot for the night, it's perfectly calm with only the current from the inlet to set us. Ann is doing much better but she's taking it easy after the experience with Savannah and the previous anti-inflammatory drug experience. The drug gave her a false sense of well being that she paid for when the drug stopped. We're hoping for better after this treatment.

Just like on the Hudson River - except it's a lot narrower!
We came south today on a Sunday which meant a lot of traffic on the ICW, complete with barges! This section of the ICW is very straight so all progress you make on the ICW is due south, unlike going through Georgia and South Carolina. We also saw our first manatee today! He was just off the ICW, about 20 feet so he was very close. At our next stop in Titusville, they have a colony of manatees, about 20 that inhabit the marina. I'll have my zinc replaced there and the divers have to run water from a faucet about 50 ft away to distract them from finding the divers (in their all black diving suites) attractive.

Wildlife too
On Monday it's off to Titusville for two days before moving on to Vero.


Anonymous said...

Bob,sorry to hear Ann is hurting. Windward is tied to the face dock at Vero so if you want to hang out in the cockpit when there instesd of doing the dink thing,please feel free to use it all you want.Hoolie is also welcome aboard.
George two boats down is keeping an eye on her if anyone says anything.