Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Eau Gallie Yacht Club - at a dock

Eau Gallie Yacht Club, a few of the many buildings on site
About halfway between Titusville and Vero is Eau Gallie Yacht club. We heard about the place from Marty Silverstein yesterday and after traveling south with winds in the steady 20's and gusts to 28 kts, we decided to take a dock for a calm night and remembered what Marty said and gave a call to Eau Gallie YC. You have to be a member of a yacht club to be taken in and they accepted Poughkeepsie YC so we got a dock.

The flag ceremony was at sunset 
The wind was still blowing like stink with gusts in the high 20's but Ann still took the helm and did very well. The docking wasn't as easy as the last few times but experience is everything in docking and Ann's gaining it under more stressful situations. Once tied up we were secure and with the island to the west, we were shielded from the wave action kicked up by the high winds.

Ann is doing much better - great salad bar at the yacht club
The yacht club is something else. Right out of a picture book of what you think high end yacht clubs ought to look like. The docks are all new with artificial wood and pilings with rubber guards so your boat is not marred. They have two restaurants on site and so we made a reservation on the main one. Tonight they had an honor guard ceremony with the taking down of the flags which we attended. We enjoyed happy hour and a great meal. The entire cost for two including two glasses of wine each, soup, a salad bar, main course, two coffees and a dessert came to $68 including an 18% tip! Now that's a bargain in this day and age.

Yep, that's snow at home! (on our webcam)
Meanwhile, we accessed our camera back home in New York and found that it was snowing! Our driveway was covered by snow from the most recent northeaster. Yet another storm for the beleaguered northeast. I'm glad I'm down here and able to complain about the low temperatures in the 60's! Of course it warms up during the day but it starts out cold (relatively speaking for those in Florida - surprising how quickly you get used to the warm weather).

On Thursday we'll finally reach Vero and probably hang out for a week enjoying the Florida sunshine with temps in the 70's before heading to Stuart and points north. You can really get used to this!