Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Vero Beach City Marina - Last Day

Lots of these fellas around!
Today was more of "getting ready to leave the boat for a month" work. We didn't want to leave any dirty clothes on board so the washers and dryers were put to use. Next we filled up on diesel so we can continue our trip south after New Year's Day without having to worry about taking on fuel. By the way, there's been no indication of shortages of fuel along the ICW. The prices haven't changed much at all and there's plenty of it available. Heading north in our rental car we may find a different story. We don't plan on taking the coastal route and will pass through Pennsylvania to visit our daughter and it's just as well that we don't go through New Jersey and southern New York. We've heard that they are still having problems with gasoline supply.

The topics have reached out and taken hold down here. It's 7:30 pm and the temperature is still 74F. I think we'll be in for a shock when we reach home. The southern migration is now in full swing here. There are still empty moorings but not very many and the dinghy dock is now packed! I asked the dockmaster about the crowds and he said they will continue to increase through Thanksgiving before leveling off.

Ann is doing very well so far. She can negotiate the dinghy and do some short walks. Her knee no long hinders her but she's not going to stress it for now. She'll see her knee doctor the first week after we get home to see what her next step is going to be. She sure wants to be fit for walking around Key West!

Thursday morning we're headed for Stuart and our slip at Loggerhead for the next month. I have a rental car reserved and we'll take off on Saturday morning for points north. The part of our ICW cruise to Stuart is like a prelude. It's relatively short compared to our 5 month cruise to Key West and back north in the spring. Enjoy it while you can, I say.