Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Vero Beach City Marina - at a mooring

Ann has taken up pastels again - it takes a period of calm to move the spirit
You know you're in a tropical weather pattern when you start getting brief, afternoon showers! When we were chartering in the Caribbean several years ago, showers would roll through all hours of the day and night. They would never last very long and they usually didn't contain all that much rain but they were a royal nuisance. You were always getting sprinkled on if you left the hatch open at night - which we did since it was hot at night in the Caribbean. Well, it's also hot here too so we open and shut the hatches several times during the night - but it's nice to have the warm weather!

We're starting to get the boat ready for crew coming on board after we return from the holidays. Don and Liz Bunch plan on joining us for the trip from Stuart to Marathon. Leathen and Ann Mehaffey will join us for the leg from Marathon to Key West. So when we return after the holidays we'll have lots of crew help and someone to share our experiences with. In anticipation, I finally cleaned out the aft cabin from all the accumulation of stuff that always seems more convenient there than where it really belongs. With the redistribution of weight on the boat, we're now ready for visitors.

We're always a fan of sunsets, especially viewed from the cockpit with wine
We'll spend one more day here and do a laundry so everything will be clean upon our return in January. Another instance of "not too exciting but necessary" work. On Thursday it's off to Stuart.