Thursday, November 8, 2012

Vero - at a mooring

During the height of the southward migraiton - you might find two or three boats on one mooring
We had another day of 20+ kt winds but they were out of the north and we were headed south, a great combination. We put out the headsail and made 8+ kts south (with some help from the iron genny). It's tough to do a pure sail down the ICW with all the turns and bridges along with the narrow fairways.

We came into Vero and found the place empty. About half the moorings were unoccupied. When I went in to pay I asked where everyone was at. The dockmaster said that we were ahead of the crowd. The leading edge of the snowbirds was at St Augustine and headed our way. Most of the reason for that is the limitation written into many boat insurance coverages of not going south of Norfolk until after November 1. For us that would be much too late.

Hi Marty, your boat is fine!
We walked by Marty Silverstein's boat today just to see how it was doing. Marty's a fellow Poughkeepsie Yacht Club member and we always check up on each other's boat when we're in the neighborhood. He's in a very protected slip here at Vero but Marty is up north at the present to return sometime later this year.

20 kt winds but very protected in here on a mooring at Vero
We'll be here for several days catching up on paperwork. Even while cruising, there's always things you've got to do and they've been piling up. However, in this day of internet connections, there's very little you can't do using your laptop and WiFi. I even deposited a check by taking a photo of it using an app from my bank. I didn't even have to send in the physical check, just a photo. Now that's very handy when cruising on a boat.