Saturday, November 10, 2012

Vero Beach City Marina - on a mooring

The scene of the crime, - last year Ann came down with a severe attack from the Live Oak pollen!
Before we started cruising 9 months out of a year, we chartered many times in the Caribbean and I wrote cruising guides for my personal use and that of the crew. I've been asked for copies of the guides from time to time so I thought I would post them in the Pages section of this blog under "Cruising Guides". If you're headed to the Caribbean you might want to check them out. We're avid snorkelers and the guides highlight the best snorkeling sites that we've found, some of which are not in any other snorkeling literature. Feel free to download as you please, they are for your enjoyment. There are also guides for Long Island Sound and Maine where we cruised for three summers.

I am gradually working through my to do list. Today included changing the oil in the outboard motor and also in the lower gear box. Ann provided the "third hand" that's needed for the gear oil change, otherwise with various tie off strings and cut off milk cartons, I got the rest done by myself.

Dean and Kris Hearst - we both know Brian McDonnell, a great mechanic and friend
We got a visit today from Dean and Kris Hearst. They were contacted by our friend Brian McDonnell who runs a  business to keep Volvo engines humming. Brian follows our blog so he made sure that Dean and Kris  knew we were in Vero! They sold their house and their boat is their world now. They are headed for the Caribbean via the Bahamas - sounds like an excellent adventure!

Better days, better sunsets!
The weather is turning warmer and with less wind, just ideal Florida ICW weather. We now plan on leaving Thursday for Stuart so we can make our daughter's house by Sunday late afternoon with a rental car. We always return home up north for the holidays before returning to Stuart and the trip south on our boat.