Monday, November 12, 2012

Vero Beach City Marina - at a mooring

It does rain in paradise - but at least you often get a rainbow, even a double one at times
The weather has warmed up considerably. It's 7:30 pm at the moment and the temperature is 74F! It seems that we've transitioned into Caribbean type weather with winds out of the east and the occasional shower in the afternoon, not bad to take.

Vero Beach - note the ramps that disappear into the sand
We took the shuttle today to the beach and had lunch overlooking the surf. With winds out of the east for the last few days, the waves were really coming in, 3 to 4 ft high! The beach is okay after Sandy, I'm not sure if the sand there now was trucked in or it was still there after Sandy. Several of the ramps to the beach level disappeared into the sand.

Road to the beach at Vero
The area by the beach is upscale and the styles are of the type that fit the clientele (the age group cruising their boats). So from that perspective, it fits the customers although there's no Radio Shack or computer store in the group - oh well, they do have benches for the husbands in most stores.

For those who followed my blog last year, your'll recall that I lost the forward light for the dinghy, the red/green bow light. I knew it was on the boat somewhere but when the kids came down in February I placed it "in a safe place" out of the way and then couldn't find it later! I must have looked a dozen times and could never discover its location. When something like that happens you are not permitted to find it until you buy a replacement. So needing a bow light after the time change when I take Hoolie in for his after dinner romp after dark, I bought a new bow light. Not a week later, the old bow light turned up!! (after being missing for 6 months!) So now I know how to find things, just buy a new one and you'll have an automatic spare when the one you lost decides it's okay to now be found. Ann bought a new white straw hat today after her previous one hasn't shown up for the last 4 months - now I fully expect the old one to come out of hiding. Such is life on a boat - but I don't think it would work on crew though...


wjs said...

Bob, I've been using that method of finding lost tools, etc., for years. It really works well!

Here's a tip I recently discovered if your dinghy bow light is NOT the LED type. Go to Home Depot or similar and look for a NiteIze replacement bulb - about $9.
Not only better light but longer battery life.