Friday, November 2, 2012

Harbortown Marina - Doctor's Day

At the far left is the passage under the bridge - 6.5 kts of current!!  Wow!
We got the rental car too late to get anything done yesterday so we set out this morning to the nearest Urgent Care center. We found one about 1/2 mile down the road that had good reviews, Doctor's Express, and off we went. Our experience with urgent care centers up and down the ICW has been very positive. We've always seen an MD and the entire staff has always aimed to please their patients. Most of them ask for immediate feedback on how they did via a survey on the web or at an interview upon exit. Sound like a good business practice, I wish my own doctor did the same thing.

Enough of the digressions, Ann saw the doctor today and is starting to feel better. I bought crutches to help her walk which takes pressure off her bad knee. After an X-ray and a blood test for an infection (negative)  we held a consultation with the doctor and decided it was okay to continue since Ann will just remain on the boat for the rest of the trip to Stuart, a good place to rest actually with the warm weather and sunshine during the day on the way. I'll do all the trips to shore with Hoolie so it's recuperation time for Ann - R and R!

It really is a beautiful area
The marina personnel here have been great! The Harbormaster is the one that found a cane from another marina member to loan to Ann for her use until she got the crutches. We returned the cane today and now we're looking to leave tomorrow for Ft Matanzas, south of St Augustine. It's an anchorage that's has a National Monument, a fort once used to protect the southern approach to St Augustine. It's a fun place to explore. The anchorage is not much used due to its reputation of being difficult to get into due to shallows - but we know the way in and never had any trouble. It's very protected and fun to explore.


Anonymous said...

I have a good friend in Palm Coast and P.C. has a marina. Let me know if you can use her name and number for any assistance..........

Bob423 said...

That's fine but who are you?