Thursday, November 15, 2012

Stuart - at Loggerhead Marina at a dock

Ann threaded Fleetwing through here with 15 kt gusts and some current too
The day dawned foggy, you could hardly see the shore. We've never seen this much fog before in Florida but it burned off by 9:00 am or so. The weather is still very warm and comfortable for going south. Ann is much more mobile now but as part of her rehabilitation, she spends much more time at the helm when docking. Today was a step up for her as the wind was gusting to 15 kts and there was a 1 kt current pushing Fleetwing into the dock, plus there were pilings on either side to be avoided! However, Ann handled it well and she's gaining a lot of experience handling the boat in less than ideal conditions. It also lets me handle the lines and do dock work to secure the boat quickly.

ah, Florida sunsets...
We're at the Loggerhead Marina which is a complex adjacent to a condo facility that includes a beautiful pool, exercise room, restaurants and everything else you would expect a marina to have. Their rate for a month's stay went up this year to $12/ft which is higher but not too  bad. The docks are floating concrete which are heavily weighted so they don't bob around in a passing wave. We've found the dockmaster to be attentive and last year he even pumped out the dinghy when it filled with rainwater. We're satisfied with the place and feel secure that Fleetwing will be well taken care of.

A new moon caught just under the bridge
This brings to a close part one of our trip south down the ICW. Now we will take an interlude and go north in a rental car to on Saturday to spend the holidays with our kids before returning in January to continue our trek to Key West.


philb said...

Thanks for the great cruise (vicariously) so far! Ann- glad you are getting around so much better.