Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wednesday at the Zeisings – The Bunches Visit

Note the Pilings Lifting the House
In getting ready to continue down the ICW, we had chores to do. Ann had laundry (you never pass up a chance to do laundry!) and I defrosted the freezer and restocked it with our purchases at the grocery store.
This anchorage is not in any ICW guide so I charted it with my depth sounder and found that I could actually go further in and still have 7ft of depth. We watched one couple bring their sailboat in to a dock right on shore, they own a lot here and had a dock built before they built their house. They had obviously done it many times since they were careful to follow a very specific course in. The Zeisings don’t quite have enough water for us, only 4.5 ft where we require 5 ft at a minimum.

The photo is of the typical style house in this area. By zoning, it has to be built 13 ft above the flood plane which is why they’re all on pilings. During hurricanes, Zeisings’ house looks as if it’s in a lake since water rises above the ground under the house. However, as soon as the storm passes, all the water drains back into the creek and all is calm.