Saturday, October 9, 2010

Hampton and the Virginia Air and Space Museum

Flying a Bombing Mission in WWII
We promised ourselves to just have fun Saturday, no boat work so we started out at the Virginia Air and Space Museum, about a block from the marina. We saw the I-MAX 3D film of the repair mission for the Hubble Space Telescope. Seeing it in 3D adds a whole other dimension (ha!) to the film. Glorious sights filmed along with many photographs taken through the Hubble telescope of the stars and galaxies, mind boggling.

A Real Moon Rock from an Apollo Mission!

In the museum they had a replay of a WWII bombing mission while you sat inside the bomber, one of the Apollo modules that went to the moon, a moon rock and even a rock from Mars that hitchhiked a ride on a meteorite! Virtually all the exhibits were interactive and any kid would have had a ball (as I did).

This evening we ate at the local restaurant with a view of the marina and the dock master came by to eat with us and another couple. It turns out that he and Kate run the marina and put a serious focus on customer service. Even if you anchor out and bring your dinghy in, you are treated first class. They want repeat business and they really put an effort in to bring boaters back. It’s great to see the old-fashioned approach of customer first in a business. I would recommend the Downtown Hampton Town Piers to any and all.

It Came from Mars!
Sunday we plan on leaving at 7:00 am for the Dismal Swamp and have to make the locks for the 11:00 am opening. If we miss that, the next opening isn’t until 1:30 pm!

Mike, the Dockmaster - The Customer Comes First!