Sunday, October 31, 2010

Charleston – Don and Liz Bunch arrive

Fine to meet in an aquarium - not in our boat
First we took the day off and toured the South Carolina Aquarium with is only a 5 minute walk from the marina. The exhibits take you from the mountain lakes to the sea, ending with a huge salt water tank complete with sharks. The picture is of a snake in the aquarium, not one we encountered! Being avid snorkelers, we could have watched the salt water tank for hours with the hundreds of fish passing by. Don and Liz arrived then so we headed back and did some sightseeing around Charleston before reprovisioning at Harris Teeter;

Vendor in the Slave Market
There’s a famous local restaurant, Hyman’s Seafood, that has famous clientele, sort of like some of the restaurants in NYC with pictures of famous customers on the walls. I had local grouper caught off the coast of South Carolina and it was fresh, recommended. We strolled through what’s called the slave market where independent vendors set up shop to sell their wares, there much be upwards of a hundred shops in the long building, interesting to look through. We leave on Monday and the waters from here on out are very shallow so we intend to always go with a good tide and not attempt the passage during a low tide, too nerve-racking


sharman said...

You are troopers; low water, aligators.....hope the wine doesn't run out and the bridge hands are awesome.