Saturday, October 30, 2010

Charleston Maritime Center – Day 2

The Boat Next Door - Oh to be so young
Today was spent working on something I said I would never do again. It’s not exciting but it’s very exhausting. It’s replacing all the hoses in one of the heads, ugh! The hoses don’t bend very well and I’ll never know how the manufacturer ever got the original hoses in place to begin with. 1.5 inch sanitation hose is very stiff and the space is very restrictive. After four hours, I finally got two hoses in place. They’re supposed to last at least five years.

Another reason to be so young...
 Well, after that piece of exciting news we mostly rested up and prepared the cabin for the arrival of Don and Liz Bunch on Sunday. We shopped at Harris Tetter for fish for supper. It’s a great store, like a natural foods store but much bigger and open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We’ll do our major restocking tomorrow when the Bunches arrive.

There’s a lot of Halloween activity tonight with several boats going out on a cruise with partiers. I thought Halloween was Sunday night but there’s a lot of celebration going on tonight.

View from Fleetwing at the marina
The next stretch of the ICW is very shallow and so we plan on a transit with a rising tide on Monday, it’s less nerve racking to not have to deal with 5 ft water although we may still see that depth even with a favorable tide, time will tell.