Friday, October 29, 2010

Charleston at the Maritime Center

Charleston Maritime Center Marina
The stretch of the ICW from Awendaw Creek to Charleston was very shallow. The only reason we had no problems was because we had a 5.0 ft tide with us all the way. I now have a computer program in mind for transiting the ICW:

Step 1: Look at chartplotter (be sure you’re in the channel)
Step 2: Look ahead (crab pots?)
Step 3: Look at depth sounder (start to worry at 9 ft, slow down below 8 ft, stop at 7 ft, consider options)
Repeat steps 1 through 3, 4822 times.

Of course, step 1 is not always accurate, it doesn’t always match reality – especially when you see the recommended course (magenta line) up on land! However, you always believe the depth sounder!!

Aircraft Carrier Yorktown across the river
 Coming into Charleston, the wind piped up on the nose and we made our way into the marina. I was surprised at how small the marina is but they have cement docks, very stable, and a helpful staff. The marina is within two blocks of the Virginia Aquarium and a huge supermarket. A few more blocks away is downtown Charleston where we ate tonight. We’ll be here for a few days until Don and Liz Bunch arrive on Sunday and plan to set out again Monday.


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