Sunday, October 17, 2010

At Smith Creek – We Anchor Outside the Zeisings

Just a Great Marnia at Dowry Creek
We only had 18 miles to go so we had a lazy morning and didn’t leave until just before noon. There was no wind so we motored to Smith Creek where the Zeisings had a house within a mile of the ICW. There is an uncharted path to an anchorage way past where most of the boats on the ICW anchor for the night. We had visited the Zeisings before and took soundings on the best path to get close so we are very protected in 7 ft of water.

Bill and Pat Zeising's House on the ICW
 Bill met us with his fishing boat and we had a fast ride into his house. It’s built on two columns so it’s raised enough to be free of the high flood line during a storm. It’s a beautiful house with a great view towards the ICW. The area used to belong to a paper company that harvested the trees but now they’ve sold it for homeowner lots.

We played bridge and reminisced on old times, good fun (for us!) We’ll be here a few days visiting and probably won’t start down the ICW again until Thursday morning if the weather holds.