Thursday, October 28, 2010

Awendaw Creek at Anchor – We Make it out of Belle Isle Marina!

It's no wonder the turtles are huddled up on a log!
It wasn’t the calmest morning, I was checking the level of the water every 10 minutes it seemed. I spent an hour making dry runs out of the marina in the dink with the depth sounder, trying to find a deep enough channel. With the wind finally backing off, the water returned and we had a foot more depth than when we came in at the same level of tide. So at 1:00 pm, the tide was high enough for our exit and off we went (didn’t see any more alligators!) We waved goodbye to the dockmaster…

Our backup plan
We traveled down the Minim Creek today, it’s part of the ICW. The water started getting a little shallow when we got close to our anchorage. It’s a little harrowing watching the depth meter every five seconds or so, looking ahead for any logs, watching the chartplotter for the right path to avoid shoals. You just cycle between the three activities constantly while at the helm when the water is shallow. On Friday we plan on leaving the anchorage at high tide to make the trip calmer.

The view from our anchorage
This is a beautiful anchorage and we even found a place to take Hoolie although he wasn’t too enamored of the shore where he had to go (but he did, any port in a storm). We are currently running the A/C in cooling mode, it’s still 80 outside! On Friday we’re supposed to get a change of weather with temps only in the 70’s instead of 80’s like the last few days. We're on to Charleston on Friday.