Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Pungo River Anchorage – Slimed at East Lake

We meet Fuzzy Bills!
We awoke to a nightmare of carnage, something called “Fuzzy Bills” had decided that our boat, over a mile from shore, was the perfect place to congregate! There were at least a thousand of them buzzing around and on everything: the enclosure, the aft fuel locker, inside the life buoy, under the zipper between the screen and the plastic window, just everywhere. Wherever they went, they left a “deposit” of green stuff that doesn’t want to come off with just scrubbing. Our lovely boat is a complete mess of green droppings. It took us all day of shooing out to get rid of our unwanted passengers. We’re at anchor tonight but Thursday we’ll go into a marina to clean up this mess, what a pain!

At least we had a nice sunset
Other than that, it was a great day. We were both flustered and in cleaning out the side curtains, we lost the motor cover that Ann had made! The motor is now naked, not proper. On a positive note, the weather continues to be warm and we’ve taken down the enclosure (too hot). We were expecting cooler weather and I’m sure it’ll come soon but it’s not here yet. Tonight, at least, Hoolie has real ground to do his business on at this anchorage. We got a call from the Bunches tonight and will meet them on Friday at our marina for dinner. We still plan to be at the Zeisings on Sunday afternoon.