Thursday, October 21, 2010

Cedar Creek Anchorage

Shrimp Boats in Cedar Creek
 We had our first encounter with fog down here. It was nothing like Maine fog, not the thick, soupy fog that doesn’t clear until noon but the wispy morning fog that’s gone by 9:00 or so. With the departure of the fog, the day was bright and sunny with little wind, another motoring day.

We are encountering a lot of boat going south now. I think the snowbirds have caught up with us. The ICW is a steady line of boats going south. I must say that they are a well behaved group so far. Everyone that’s passed us (only motor boats, no sailboats have passed us yet) has called us on the VHF asking permission to pass and saying which side they wished to pass on. Plus, they slow down as we do so the passing is quick and the waves minimized.

Moon Rise at Cedar Creek
Cedar Creek is the only anchorage convenient for getting through Beaufort. We reached the anchorage at 1:00 and thought about going further but couldn’t find a good anchorage near Beaufort or on the other side that was within 20 miles so we stopped early. Several of the anchorages in Beaufort are now filled with private moorings! I guess that’s one way to discourage anchoring is to populate it with moorings – not for rent and not with boats on them, just empty moorings. Seems a shame. Hopefully, further on there will be less of that but we’ll see.

Hoolie had a sandy beach tonight so he’s happy and a full moon is rising in the east, pretty! We rolled a bit when we first came in from the ICW traffic but now it’s very calm, nice.