Friday, October 8, 2010

Hampton – A/C Repair Day

Mike - Our Beloved A/C Technician
The A/C technician, Mike, arrived around 7:45 am and I went to find him near the carousel. He came walking down the path like a bandit from Pancho Villa’s gang except that rather than a belt of bullets strung across his back, he had a length of pressure tubing worn in the same fashion. He was hefting the tools of his trade as he came to the boat. As it turned out he’s a sailor too, he owns a Coronado sailboat, the same make that was our first boat!

He quickly found several leaks in our A/C system and replaced the defective components followed by a recharge. The air output now reaches 120F! It only got to 80 or so previously before it quit altogether. This makes the crew much happier! I can’t say enough good things about the owner of the company, Don Gulliver. He scheduled us in during a busy week when the Caribbean 1500 boats were starting to arrive – which leave out of Hampton. Many thanks to Don!

Fleetwing  - Note the Short Dock 

Invigorated with the A/C repair, I did all the teak, washed down the boat to get the salt off, refilled the water tank and finished Ann’s seat at the helm. All together a fruitful day. Saturday we figured we wanted a fun day so we’re going to the Virginia Air and Space Museum which is about a block away. They are showing the repair of the Hubble space telescope in 3D on IMAX. We’ll see that and look through the museum too, ought to be fun. Sunday we plan on entering the ICW finally.