Friday, July 27, 2007

Carver Cove - The Bunches and Zeisings Arrive

We motored to Rockland to let Philip and family off the boat. Journey's End let us use a dock for an hour for the off loading and we used the time to buy ice and to top off the water tanks. It was sad to see everyone go but we had a great time.

Our next stop was at Carver Cove to meet up with the Zeisings and the Bunches. They chartered a boat for a week to sail with us. The wind was out of the south and we had a great sail at 7.5 kts average speed to Vinalhaven. When we arrived we found there was no net out like last time. However, as we were to find out, they put the net out that night around 9:00 (we heard talking and clanking). The net seemed rather close and we wondered if our anchor was under the net! When we pulled the anchor up the next morning, we had about 40 feet to spare! We never found out what they catch with the nets.