Saturday, July 7, 2007

The Winds Back Off, the Sun Comes Out!

The weather finally improved and a flood of new boats arrived looking for moorings. Many moorings had two boats tied up. We decided to refuel (took on 7.75 gallons, isn't sailing wonderful) and refilled our forward water tank. Cuttyhunk now has a free pump out service that comes to your boat but they do suggest a donation, we gave $10. The winds were not good so we motored to the Beverly Yacht Club at Marion, MA. What a friendly place! Moorings were $40/night which appears to be about standard for the area now. Inside the club we noticed a cannonball framed on the wall. The steward told us that during the remodeling they found the cannonball embedded in the outer wall. It was dated to the War of 1812! We BBQ'ed drunkened steaks off the back of the boat and watched the sunset.
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Tomorrow we're off to PTown!