Sunday, July 29, 2007

Markarel Cove - More Fog!

We awoke to a dense fog (again!) and couldn't even see shore although it was only about 500 feet away. We took our handheld GPS along with the boat's location plugged in and headed out for shore. Lance did his business quickly and by that time we could see our boat loom through the fog. The fog slowly lifted and we did a circumnavigation of Round Island which was beautiful with the pink granite and the aroma of balsam pines in the air. By noon the fog had lifted enough for us to head out but we ran into fog again in the middle of the bay but we were able to sail along at about 5 kts or so. As we approached Swans Island, the fog lifted and we found the Mackarel Cove anchorage empty. With a breeze out of the south, we could relax on the back of our boat and look out on Mt Desert, a very pretty view. The Bunches and Zeisings came over for dinner and I grilled chicken breasts that had been marinaded all afternoon. A great dinner with bridge afterwards.