Monday, July 2, 2007

A multiple choice question:

Looking at the photo taken in Long Island Sound, can you guess what month is it?

A) April
B) July
C) October?
The answer will follow.

Meanwhile, we left Branford this morning but didn't get quite the early start we intended. We had another glorious sail with a 15 kt wind out of the NW to power us east. We had intended to overnight somewhere in the Connecticut River but the sailing was so good we continued on to New London. We picked up a mooring at Burr Marina and was surprised at the price, $1.40 a foot! This was for a mooring, the most expensive one to date. We were greeted by the marina launch which consisted of what looked like two old docks tied together with an outboard motor attached with baling wire! The grime covered fenders didn't look any too clean so we manually held him off while I boarded to pay the fee. This will be our last visit to to this place! However, it was peaceful and the weather turned more moderate, we'll get to bed early tonight. By the way, the answer to the quiz is "B". It was 55 this morning in Branford - where is global warming when you need it!

At anchor at Burr Marina:

Here's a link to our progress: Maine Cruise


Anonymous said...

Hi Grandpa,
It's me matt.I've had a fun time at home.I got something called a webkinz today.It alows you to have a verticule pet.Thank you for having me aboard the fleetwing, it was fun,no it was favorite part was motoring the dink,snd being with you and Nana.
I'll write again tomarrow.
Good by maties,

Bob423 said...

Hi Matthew,

It was great having you aboard! I'll be sure to keep the dink in good working order for Maine!

Goodbye Matthew, Love Grandpa