Tuesday, July 17, 2007

To Southwest Harbor

I went to start the genset and Ann called to say she felt a small bump against the boat. I went up on deck to see that we were in the midst of a rock weed patch. The water was clear enough to see rock weed all around us. The depth sounder read 8.5 feet and we only draw 5.0 feet. Using the hand held sounder, I read 4.5 ft off the stern. I pulled up on the anchor for about 30 feet and the depth increased to 12 ft as read by the sensor just forward of the keel. I launched the dinghy to explore the surrounding area some more and found that the shallow patch was just 15 feet or so in diameter, very localized. All around the area, including up to shore was still 8 feet at low or deeper. I marked the spot on the chart and if anyone wants the coordinates I can forward them. The anchorage is really beautiful, especially with the full view of Mt Desert in the distance.

The day was clear but still not much wind. The temperatures have been running around 55F in the mornings and the low 70's in the afternoon. Our morning routine has been to start the genset for heat up the cabin, charge the batteries, heat hot water for the shower and make coffee. We have all the comforts of home, we just wished it was a little warmer!

We picked up a mooring ($35/night) at Hinckley Marine and admired the surrounding Hinckleys! I had Ann stand by their travel lift which I think would be entirely adequate for the club for our biggest boats although we might have trouble getting it to the well! I'm sure Rich would have fun with it.

The internet connection is not good here so I have to use the library WiFi to get out, it's the only place in town with an internet connection. At least it's free. The blog updates may be sparse as we head east, we'll see.