Friday, July 13, 2007

Seal Bay

The tides in Maine start out around 10 feet in Rockland and increase as you head further east. I took two snapshots of the docks we were at in Rockland near the tide extremes. Getting luggage up the ramp at low tide was a real chore!
We refueled this morning with 31 gallons of diesel after 200 miles of motoring and using the genset every morning. Then it was off to sail in Penobscot Bay with a SW wind of 10 to 15 kts and bright sun. It was still brisk with a temperature of 66 in the bay but when we crossed over into the Fox Island Thorofare, the temperature rose to the mid 70's. However, the sail was just wonderful and the bay was full of sailboats (and lobster buoys!) It's sails like this that you come to Maine for along with the mountain scenery and remote anchorages.

Our destination was Seal Bay. The way in is not buoyed or marked in any way, you're on your own but with a chartplotter it's really no problem. You just better pay attention to where you're at as there are unmarked ledges everywhere. Sure enough, we spotted a ledge with lots of seals. We often saw seals near the lobster traps, surfacing for a look around now and then. Seal Bay has no development, no houses (except one) and no other sign of civilization, it's great. Here's the way in.