Sunday, July 22, 2007

Seal Bay

Matthew rejoins us today with his new blog. He'll be with us for the next week and perhaps longer if he decides to stay after his family leaves for home.

Dear readers, today I woke up for a hour before everybody and my Dad was stuck in one position. We went out to get some provisions for the boat and left after breakfast. I saw 14 schooners. A schooner is a boat with two or more sails. We saw a schooner that had three sails it was huge. The next thing we did was motor into the bay and I went swimming. I took a shower. And brings me to right now.

We started out with Philip's speciality, home cooked pancakes which everyone gobbled up. Then it was a trip to the grocery store for provisioning at a nearby Hannafords. You could tell it was a popular place for sailors since some were filling up the back of a pickup truck with provisions! On the way back it was low tide and we saw starfish clinging to the pier. Then it was time to head out to see some of the schooners that Matthew was talking about in his blog.

Our destination today was Seal Bay and, sure enough, we saw seals again on the way in! Once anchored we scouted around the boat for shallow areas (we learned our lesson at Mackarel Cove) and decided to reanchor a short distance further out from shore. Matthew likes to play in the dinghy so we put him out with a 100 ft line although he would rather be free of the line. He even went in for a swim in the 61 degree water! He said you get used to it after awhile but I don't believe that for a moment although he did seem to enjoy his swim.