Saturday, July 14, 2007

Smith Cove by Castine

It was very calm in the morning so up the mast I went to investigate what happened to the topping lift. I had purchased 130 feet of line and two sizes of blocks to replace the topping lift that failed. I tied the line to my belt and up I went. I led the safety line through the pulley at the base of the mast and played it back to the cockpit and through the rope clutch managed by Ann. The view from the top was great. The mast is not as rigid as one might think, it flexes a bit, interesting when at the top. I did manage a photo from the top. I found a place to locate the block and fed the line through it and on down the outside of the mast.

With that task done, we headed east and north for Smith Cove near Castine. Although we did have wind, it was directly behind us so we motored most of the way. Smith Cove is much easier to navigate, no hazards. Today Ann saw her first Loon! She had heard their calls but she had never seen one, we even got a photo! It a good sign for the rest of the cruise.
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Anonymous said...

Hi Grandpa & Nana,
I think going up the mast is pretty cool.Matt
See you in Maine.Natalie
We can have a sailing Brithday party,it could be lots of fun.Sarah
The we are all looking forward to our adventure with you on the fleetwing.Monique