Friday, July 6, 2007

Good Weather Arrives

We finally saw the sun for the first time in days but only after a very dense morning fog. Boats that came in today reported having to navigate pea soup fog on the way. With the seas still stirred up and a small craft advisory still in effect, we decided to once again spend a layover day in Cuttyhunk. So we walked the beaches, had lunch at a local food stand and watched the sunset. We had some strong storms in the area as the front came through but they all missed us. I'm using for the forecasting of winds. It's a free service that provides software to use NOAA data to predict wind directions and strengths for up to 5 days in advance in 3 hour increments with a graphical representation over any selectable area. I find it very handy for chosing a window for a passage to Maine. We plan on starting out at 7:00 am tomororw for the 50 mile cruise to PTown, should be fun.