Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Still in Sourthwest Harbor at Hinckley Marine

We looked out this morning and couldn't see the boat moored next to us. Needless to say, we couldn't see the shore either. Navigating in fog is not a problem. With GPS and radar you know where you're at and you can see the other boats. The problem is avoiding the lobster pots of which there are many and in random places. We had planned on going to Mackarel Cove for the night but since we're on vacation and not confined to a schedule, we decided to just stay put for the day and go tomorrow. If it's still foggy, we'll just throttle back a bit and dodge the lobster pots to head west for our rendezvous with Philip and family on Saturday.
With that settled, we went into town. I finally found the town dinghy dock yesterday on the north side and it's only a short walk to town from there. As with all dinghy docks everywhere, it was packed with dinghies but there's always room for one more. Most people are polite and leave their motor down so the prop is not in position to do damage to neighboring dinks but then some are not so polite. Also, most leave a long painter so others can reach the dock, the impolite ones tied their dink tight to the dock, leaving no room for anyone else. Oh well, you can't change the world. Such are the concerns of someone retired, not bad.