Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Belfast City Landing

Here's Matthew again:
Hi it's me again, today I played my gameboy. I went swimming off the back of the boat. After lunch we took off. On the way I made a wooden model. I nailed the propeller. I glued every thing else in but the wheels. And docked at the Belfast harbor. We took a two mile walk though Belfast. We saw a huge schooner Bowdoin. We then ate at Weathervane. And came back to the Fleetwing and saw an osprey. We also are watching The Pink Panther. Good bye.
The morning dawned warm and sunny. As is usual in Maine, it takes awhile for the wind to build but it started up around 11:00 and my 12:00 was around 8 to 10 kts. We weighed anchor and headed west to Belfast. We sailed all the way with blue skies, flat seas and no jackets with the wind increasing to 10 to 15 kts. Coming into Belfast we had to change to shorts and, heavens, even put on the air conditioning once docked ($1.75/ft). What a change in the weather. The Bunches and Zeisings are due to join us in their own chartered boat next week and they'll probably wonder why we advised they bring heavy clothes!

We had dinner at the Weathervane restaurant right by the marina. Belfast has seen a renewal and has some interesting shops. There's a grocery store nearby as well as a coin laundry. We watched an osprey repeatedly land on the top of the windex of a nearby boat. It must put a real strain on the windex but it seemed to withstand the onslaught okay.
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Lionheart said...

There's a good reason to carry the club burgee on a pigstick at the mastshead. The burgee flapping would probably keep the osprey from damaging your Windex.

And is there a story about the Nonsuch? Nice photo of it anyway.