Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Holbrook Harbor near Castine

The fog broke around noon so we decided to head to the top of Penobscot Bay to escape the fog and for warmer weather. Holbrook Harbor has plenty of room to anchor and a pebble beach for the kids to play on. They were feeling a little confined after several days onboard. Matthew restarted his blog:

Hi it is Matt, yesterday I took Lance to the dock so he could pee. It was foggy I saw a schooner that followed us and I took a two mile walk to Stonington. The fog lifted and we headed to Castine. We went swiming and found some shells on a rocky beach and saw some osprey. I steered the dink back to the Fleetwing. Played my gold gameboy and made a lego engine. I saw a beautful sun set. We hope to do more sailng today and look out for more lobster pots. Lobster pots are conected to a buoys and moorings so the lobster men can get the pots.

Believe it or not, Matthew stayed in the water about an hour. We just said, "Times up" and this was with the water temperature around 61F!