Friday, May 21, 2021

Zimmermans in Deltaville - at their work dock and "That's all folks" for this trip

Zimmermans has a big yard, super-sized travel lift

 The trip up from Norfolk was rather sloppy. The winds were calm enough, in the 5 to 10 kt range, but the boat never settled into a smooth routine. Compounding the problem was the 1 to 2 kt tide against us all the way north. 

Sitting comfortably at our dock at Zimmermans work dock - with WiFi!

Eventually, we reached Zimmermans in Deltaville which shares docks with Norview Marina. The place looks a lot bigger than where we kept Fleetwing last year at Stingray Point Boat Works. We needed some serious engine work on our 6000 hour Volvo diesel so Zimmermans looked like a good place to leave it for the summer. 

Does anyone know what these things are?? They
appear to just be a piece of plastic. They are on every post, both sides. 

Matt, our grandson, is due on Saturday with our car from Titusville and then it's on to getting Fleetwing ready for summer storage. The jib, bimini, and dodger all have to come down and will be stored inside the boat. I'll set up the dehumidifier inside which I've found to be the only effective deterrent to mold and mildew forming inside the boat. 

Adding to the chores will be a thorough cleaning inside, emptying the water tanks, doing a pump out, running the outboard without gas connected to empty the carburetor, and probably a few other things I can't think of at the moment. 

It's been a nice trip, not what we wanted since we didn't make it all the way to Key West - but still a good winter. Since we arrived at our summer home for Fleetwing, this will be the last blog entry until the start of our fall trip, probably around 10/1/2021, this time going all the way south to Key West!!


MikeS said...

Enjoy your summer Bob. Since I don't do FB I always look forward to reading about you here. Maybe we will catch up on the water in the fall as we head south to Fort Pierce again.

Changes in L'Attitudes said...

Good job as always. We just got back from Key West a couple of hours ago - You'll be happy to know that Key West is back to being Key West, with 'common' areas in public places being the only place masks are either required or recommended for non-vacinated folks. Enforcement has pretty much gone away and folks are on the honor system with some people following rules and others not. The Govenor has basically pardoned everyone who was fined over the last year, so any 'pressure' to enforce anything has gone out the window. Both the Key West Bight marinas and Garison Bight marina seemed pretty full. Couldn't get a good read on the balls - but the dinghy dock in both Bights were not as full as I've seen them in the past.

M/V Beverly S said...

Thanks again for your invaluable tracks. Have a good summer and hope to see you on the trip south in the Fall.

Bob said...

Have a wonderful summer, thanks for all the great writings and pics. Will be checking your site often in case of any updates, looking forward to you return. Our best to Ann and Hoolie as well.

Bob and Sharon Johnson, "Guinness" said...

Hi, Bob - we figure that those plates on the pilings are to hold a clove hitch up if tied around the piling above the plate. Thanks for your posts!

Bob423 said...

Bob and Sharon, well, that would work although I would have thought a regular hook would have worked better for that purpose. Bob

Max said...

I can confirm the plastic blocks are for keeping piling hitches (clove or bowline) from falling. Hooks have a habit of catching the wrong things at the wrong time, like tool bags, shirts, and pocket books. Max from Zimmerman Marine.

bob_not_423 said...

I don't do Facebook so happy to read your posts here.
We had very good service from Zimmerman's when we traveled south 2 years ago, I wouldn't hesitate going back if)when eventually head back north.
Looking forward to your next update in the fall.