Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Awendaw Anchorage - at anchor all alone

In the distance - it looks like a battleship from the distance but it's really a hammock

We are easing our way north, no more long days so we chose to just reach the Awendaw anchorage and we arrived by 12:30 after leaving Charleston Maritime Center around 8:30. As luck would have it, just as we undocked and backed out, four Navy boats were coming in! Talk about bad timing! The four-person boats circled back and allowed us to exit peacefully. Ann sounded the signal for backing out, we heard nothing from the small Navy boats! 

All alone - no one else here

During the week, the Ben Sawyer Bridge is on demand except for rush hours in the morning and afternoon. It's the weekend where they only open on top of the hour. We caught the first opening at 9:00 am and proceeded through Isle of Palms at low tide. I didn't expect a problem since it had been dredged last in 2019 but it is starting to shoal again. 

I was behind another boat and I saw he was not following the Bob423 track which resulted in him getting too far to the green side by a shoal. He came to a sudden stop and we passed him by on the red side with 7.5 feet of water under us, he was sitting on the bottom. He later backed out and followed us the rest of the way. There were more skinny spots but the B423 track was good.

On Wednesday, we're headed for Georgetown for one night for fuel and a pumpout. Hopefully, the fish market there (one of our favorites) will have fish Ann can cook for dinner. They also have good WiFi, OnSpotWiFi at our marina, Harborwalk.