Thursday, May 13, 2021

Homer Smith, Beaufort, NC - the winds continue!


Homer Smith's clubhouse plans

The winds just don't want to stop, 15 to 20 kts winds today but it has settled down tonight. The forecast is still not good for the Neuse River, northeast winds. So, we turned to other work, mainly such exciting things like laundry - oh joy. 

The winds actually dropped to almost normal - what a change!

I talked to Matt of Homer Smith today at some length. He forwarded the plans for their new clubhouse which they will start work on, hopefully, this summer but probably not due to long delivery times for critical parts like windows and siding. It will be nice when they get it done but probably not until next year.

We also discussed docks. When they installed new docks, the company insisted that the main docks had to be anchored with metal pilings, not wood. Wood pilings were okay for the ends of fingers, but not for the center section docks. Take a look at some of the marinas to see if the pilings for the mains are wood or metal. Even the sturdy construction here at Homer Smith can't withstand a Cat 2 hurricane with all boats in place. Arrangements would be made to haul the boats that had no where to go.

I asked about fuel and there's no problem getting diesel for marine use. It's dyed and not taxed for road use, only for marine use. The same restriction does not apply to marine gasoline however and there's some problems getting enough gasoline for the boats although it's enough for now.

So we are weather watchers for the Neuse River and Albemarle crossings. We hope to be able to cross the Neuse on Saturday. It was make it easy to reach Alligator River Marina on Monday. Then it's another waiting game for the Albemarle crossing, all part of boating in going north