Saturday, May 15, 2021

RE Mayo - Goes upscale!

An early morning view, unusual for us.

We watched another boat leave yesterday that went out of control and thumped into the powerboat next door. No apparent damage was done but it was a loud twack! We didn't want to do a repeat of that performance so we got up early and lef the dock by 6:20 am before the winds piped up - and the sun had barely risen. It's not Ann's favorite time to leave but sometimes we make exceptions. 

The ICW here is home to huge barges transporting gypsum

We had thought about motoring on all the way to the Pungo anchorage but that was 65 NM away and we would not have reached the anchorage until 4:00 pm, that's too late for us and too long a day. We did come alongside RE Mayo by 12:30 so we bailed out then. We were first on the dock and there's only one other boat here for the night. 

Noice the "new" docks, no holes! Pilings still in need of repair

RE Mayo is sold out of gas like everywhere else in North Carolina. However, they have plenty of marine diesel as does Alligator River Marina. I bought scallops and Maryland style crab cakes for dinner and Ann did them up just right. 

RE Mayo is just a dock but it has great frozen seafood just right for packing away in your boat's freezer. Since we've been here last, they have renovated their docks. They almost look like regular docks now except for the occasional piling that's broken off when one of the 60 ft shrimp boats lost control. At least now, there's no more holes in the docks for your foot to slip through as you can see from the photos. The electric remains problematic. It's one 30 amp line to be shared by however many boats stay for the night. Needless to say, it doesn't support multiple boats running A/C for the night but then it's cool this time of the year. It's fine for charging batteries. 

We'll aim for the Pungo anchorage on Sunday night and then on to Alligator River Marina on Monday. We are on the trunk line heading north!