Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Coinjock - we have the famous prime rib dinner


Outdoor dining at Coinjock - actually not bad

The Albemarle was tame today. With 8 to 10 kts of wind, the crossing was calm, even with the wind out of the north. We reached Coinjock by noon, ahead of schedule. The price increase disease has reached Coinjock too, it's now $2/ft when it was $1.75 in the fall. They have both gasoline and diesel available.

Great prime rib when served rare!

When in Coinjock, the first thing we do is make a reservation for their prime rib dinner. For us, it has always been a special treat, excellent when served the way we like it, rare. I finished mine but Ann had 10 oz left over for sandwiches tomorrow!

Well, we're not leaving bow first!

We ate outdoors, the restaurant added a huge outdoor tent that looks to be a permanent fixture from the way it's constructed. It at least doubles the capacity of the restaurant and the outdoor environment fits in well with current conditions. When we came through in the fall, the office was cordoned off with plexiglass but all that is gone now. None of the office personnel were wearing masks. 

Now more plexiglass - all is now open with no masks

When we came back from dinner, we found a ferry parked in front of us. I didn't think there was room but somehow he fit. We will not be leaving going forward! We'll just back out as usual. 

On Wednesday, we're headed to the free dock by the Great Bridge, a short run of about 32 NM. It's supposed to be another fine day.