Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Homer Smith - Rain and wind all day long


The old shrimp house has been cut off - notice that "Seafood" now reads "eafood". 
The green lawn to the left used to be the receving area for shrimp. All that business
died off when the restaurants closed. 

The weather was terrible today, not a day for traveling the ICW - not at least for us although we did see three large powerboats leave today. With the weather forecast, we're staying at Homer Smith until Saturday morning when we'll leave for the Cedar Creek anchorage which is just below the southern entrance to the Neuse River. Sunday is predicted to be a good day for a Neuse crossing. 

On the way up the Cape Fear River the other day, we passed this dredge barge.
Where are the diamond shapes to show which side to pass on?

Then it's off to points north, probably the Pungo River anchorage on Sunday night and then on to the Alligator River Marina which we heard had just dredged their entrance. It was down to 4.9 feet in the fall. There's plenty of wate inside, about 8 feet but the entrance shoals periodically.

With all the cool, rainy weather, we're just hunkered down inside with the electric box heater going full blast to make the cabin a balmy 76 F when it's 54 F outside with 15 to 20 kts winds. I'm doing Waterway Guide work and Ann's painting in pastels. The day passed by quickly, fun on a rainy day - better than at anchor, at least for us.