Sunday, May 16, 2021

Dowry Creek Marina - At a dock


The marina office overlooks the pool!

We just took it easy today and didn't try to stretch the day to Alligator River Marina, we're glad we did. The weather was fine. It seems we've entered a period of calm weather and everyone is making tracks north. The winds were 4 to 10 kts but seldom did we see anything over 8 kts today, the water was flat. It was great for motoring, not good at all for sailing. 

The have great plans!

Dowry Creek was one of the few marinas in the area that had both gasoline and diesel for sale. Most marinas had diesel (since it can't be used on the road) but few places still had gas. Dowry Creek is a very nice complex. How many marinas have their own pool, Dowry Creek does. They also have a clubhouse and a small 7/11 type shop. 

The docks are fixed but very sturdy

They are also building a huge restaurant on site that's due to be completed by fall. The place will be like an all in one resort! The WiFi works well too, around 5 to 8 Mbps at our dock. 

They have a nice clubhouse too with a large TV

Meanwhile, we've been doctoring Hoolie. He found something rancid to eat at RE Mayo off the docks where people were fishing. I'm guessing it's bait fish that sat in the sun for several days. Hoolie thought it tasted great! Later that night, I think he changed his opinion and in the morning, it came out both ways! He's on a watered rice diet at the moment and we're hoping for improvement. He was certainly not himself today, not too perky. 

The on the agenda is Alligator River Marina to stage for Coinjock the next day across the Albemarle. So far, the weather looks good for the crossing, let's hope it stays that way!


Changes in L'Attitudes said...

Looks like you're making good progress. Sorry to hear about Hoolie.