Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Georgetown Harborwalk Marina - at a dock


Stop number 1 - Inde[pendent Seafood!

Leaving Awendaw, we had to negotiate McClellanvile at near low tide. I didn't think it would be a problem since it was dredged last year. However, it has filled in some and I saw as low as 6.1 MLLW in one spot. I guess it was too good to be true that the dredging would last. Still, it was much better than two years ago.

A fun exercise, put a 42 foot sailboat into this narrow opening 
and BTW, do a 180 so you're pointing out in the morning, all with 
tide and wind opposing your turn

The rest of the trip to Georgetown was fine, the dredging appeared to be holding at good depths. Unfortunately, the tide was against us all the way but then we didn't have far to go so we didn't mind. 

There's a reason Independent Seafood has great fish!

Arriving in Georgetown, the top priority was a trip to Independent Seafood for fresh fish. They had grouper so I picked up dinner at the market there. With that chore done, next was laundry and the marina had two washers and two dryers, a plus. In all, we refueled, did a pump out, bought seafood, did laundry, and have a dock - a full day. 

A word on that dock. We had stayed on the outside facedock in the past but this time they wanted us inside which entailed a bow first entry and then a 180 to port to line up heading out. With the wind and current plus the narrow fairway, that was a challenge! We pulled it off without banging into anybody or anything and that by itself must be counted as a success. 

We are headed to Osprey on Thursday, a short run north - but we like short runs nowadays. 


Roger said...

Well done! Sounds absolutely terrifying-do you have a bow thruster?

Tim Tiernan said...

Good job! I i’d love to hear more details about how you made that turn in the narrow fairway against the tide and against the wind and got the boat alongside the dock.